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Tom Scott

"Fiberreeds set a new standard in reed superiority."

Gerald Albright

"The DURGA Baritone mouthpiece really speaks to me! Talk about response! Love the tone as well. It's got all the qualities I need."

Gerald is a Theo Wanne Instruments professional artist endorser.

Ron Holloway

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Bobbie Watson

"Since trying the Fiberreed at the suggestion of my good friend Bill Saxton, I have been blown away with the construction, feeling, and response of the reed. It is the closest thing to wood I have ever played! I have been telling all of my saxophone colleagues about the amazing breakthrough Harry has made. If you want to try a synthetic reed with a natural feel that lasts, look no further."

Mindy Abair

"Theo is a master craftsman and creative genius. His mouthpieces have allowed me to take my music to the next level."

Mindy is a Theo Wanne Instruments professional artist endorser.

Greg Vail

"Great for decades!"

Greg is a Nadir Saxwind artist endorser. Greg plays a Dave Guardala Hand-Made Bebop / Trad on alto saxophone and a the Dave Guardala Original Cescent on tenor. 

Katja Rieckermann

"Still loving and playing my Guardala!"

Katja is a Nadir Saxwind and Fiberreed professional artist endorser.

Dannie Hofmann

"I love these reeds and am thrilled to distribute them to musicians and stores all over the country. Professional service, with technical knowledge, and a love for the sax and music."

Magnadela Chovancova

"Rich sound! Everything I need."

Magnadela is a Nadir Saxwind professional artist endorser and plays the Dave Guardala MB (Michael Brecker) II tenor saxophone mouthpiece.

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As a premium destination for music stores, educators, and musicians, the Wedge Distribution distributes musical instruments and accessories to dealers and musicians. We support endorsers with great products and close brand partnerships.
We specialize in the music industry, partnered in the building of quality, innovative  businesses like Fiberreed, Nadir SaxwindKey Leaves, Theo Wanne Instruments, and more. 
We aim to support artist endorsers and provide interesting, fun, relevant and new media about the companies and products we work with and the artists creating the music we love.
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