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Wind Wynder Exclusive USA Distribution Partner
The Wedge InEar Premium Monitors

Page turns can be difficult and annoying in windy, drafty conditions or when music parts do not stay open. The Wind Wynder solves these problems.

The Wind Wynder clips on to your music stand or hard music folder. A flexible line lightly covers your music. allowing for easy page turns while keeping pages from blowing away or turning unexpectedly. Your Wind Wynder comes accommodates even thick music stands and folders, and comes with a black velour bag.

The Wedge InEar Premium Monitors
Musique de Marq Exclusive Tornado Flute Booster USA Distribution Partner

The Tornado Flute Booster (TFB) corrects the head cork plate shape from a flat surface to a shape like the base of a tornado, defining the eye of a tornado in your flute. This accelerates and regulates the wind spin in the entire flute, creating many advantages including a faster response and easier playing of the higher registers.

The Wedge InEar Premium Monitors
The Wedge Halloween Specials
InEar Exclusive USA Distribution Partner
The Wedge InEar Premium Monitors

The Wedge Distribution is proud and honored to partner with InEar (ranked #1 in Germany) as their exclusive distributor in the USA.

The optimum InEar monitoring-system for professionals! The InEar ProPhile 8 is not only the company’s flagship product, it’s also the flagship of all of Germany’s in-ear monitoring systems! 

The Wedge InEar Premium Monitors
Next Drawing - Thanksgiving!
The Wedge will hold drawings for gear and/or gift certificates for some events and holidays.
All email subscribers are entered into the drawings. One entry per email address.

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The Wedge Video Extravaganza!
The Wedge Video Introduction

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The Wedge Partners with Forestone Saxophone as Exclusive USA Distributor.

The Wedge is excited to announce the exclusive partnership with Forestone to bring their premium, cryogenic, Japanese saxophones to the USA.


The horns are offered for alto and tenor saxophone and come in a lacquered and unlacquered finish with a limited time, 25% discount on today's state-of-the-art carbon fiber neck (only when purchased with horn).


All the horns are CRYOGENIC and AGING metal treated for extra resonance. And, the optional carbon fiber jazz neck can be added to the order.

Forestone Saxophone USA
Forestone Saxophone USA - The Wedge Distribution
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