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Fiberreed Carbon Classic Premium Synthetic Reed

Fiberreed Carbon Classic Premium Synthetic Reed


Especially made for mouthpieces with a Vienna facing. Full tone, fast response and an elegant sound..

High-Tech carbon fiber hand woven into bi-directional layers of hollow fiber create an amazing full sound with a direct response and beaming upper and lower registers. Synthetic fibers with cellular-like supports (just like nature) provide unmatched strength, durability and flexibility. Better than Cane and Best of Brand!


  • Longer Life
  • Better Play and Sound
  • More Consistent
  • More Durable
  • Easy to Store and Clean


Harry Hartmann’s Fiberreed unites superior sound and performance qualities with twenty times the durability of a traditional cane reed. And, most importantly, every reed performs to the same high specifications. And, there is no need for warming up as there is with cane reeds. With Fiberreed you will get a full response from the very first moment.

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