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Our rods sound great, are super easy to machine, and can be customized. Great for clarinet, saxophone and even trumpet mouthpieces. Wonderful for instrument parts as well, including saxophone, clarinet, guitar and trumpet.
Fine tune your color, diameter, and transparency.

We can also blend in additives, like carbon fibers, Grenadilla, hemp fibers, and more. Please contact us about additives or other customizations for special quotes.

Fiberrod Colored Sonic-Strong Rod - 1 Meter

  • "Fiberrod sounds wonderful and is a real contender with high quality hard rubber. It machines very well and has a less foul smell during manufacturing. Fiberrod has no downside, making it a very solid product. We are using it extensively!"


    Theo Wanne
    President, Theo Wanne Instruments and Mouthpieces

  • Fiberrod was originally designed to replace hard rubber for saxophone and clarinet mouthpiece production. This is going very well. And, Fiberreed has expanded the product into a plate form as well as the ability to use a customer's existing form to make their parts for them.


    Fiberreed can custom many things. They are materials experts. Harry has been working with materials for 30 years and a lot of development has gone into Fiberreed's synthetic reed in that matter. Fiberreed can add colors, carbon, hemp, grenadilla, tiny glass bearings, and more. Fiberreed can temper or not temper the product as well.


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