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LefreQue sound bridges for all Woodwind & Brass

LefreQue sound bridges for all Woodwind & Brass

Red-Brass-Silver plated 33mm lefreque sound bridge

Round sound, a lot of 'core' in the tone and fast response. The silver plating will give the upper harmonics more brilliance. 


Pure sound starts with better tuning

LefreQue sound bridges improve the tuning and performance of all Woodwind & Brass instruments.


We believe that a pure sound is key to enjoy making music. Pure sound starts with better tuning. Most wind instruments consist of two or more segments (i.e. mouthpiece/receiver, head joint/body/foot joint etc.) The joints between these segments influence the quality of sound in your instrument. LefreQue offers a revolutionary way to overcome the acoustical impact.

We want to help all wind players to create their best sound. How? LefreQue bridges the frequency-dependent resistance of the joints, so your tone can move freely through the material of the instrument. Given the right material combination and size for your specific instrument, the effect will be phenomenal. Our product line is suitable for all wind instruments and will empower all levels of players from beginner to top class professional.


  • Purer overtones
  • Accurate tuning
  • Clear response
  • Smooth intervals
  • Surround projection
  • Extended dynamics

An ever-increasing number of top class professionals fully endorses the benefits of LefreQue sound bridges. Among them Emmanuel Pahud (flute), Steven Mead (euphonium), Bryan Lynch (trumpet), Melton Tuba Quartet (tuba), Kim Laskovski (bassoon), Rupert Gratz (tuba), Evan Tate (saxophone) and many more.

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