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Music Medic Palm Keys

Music Medic Palm Keys

Somewhere near the center of the earth, a rare element was discovered by the Sax ProShop's own Ryan Walker. He named the element of swirling beauty Ryanite and brought it at once to the Sax ProShop where he began his top-secret testing. He emerged with the most striking palm key risers ever seen and they are now available to saxophone players everywhere!


Hands come in all shapes and sizes, yet most saxophones are non-adjustable. This can make it difficult for people with larger hands to activate the palm keys quickly and comfortably.


Ryanite Palm Key Risers are available in 3 heights: 3.7mm, 6.4mm, and 8.8mm and come in 6 different colors: Sweet Georgia (brown), N.Y. Blue (swirl blue), MusicMedic Blue (brighter blue), Fire (red), Envy (green) and Black Pearl. The risers are shaped to fit modern saxophone palm keys, but a Dremel tool can be used to reshape them for most other palm keys as well.


All risers come with an adhesive which will form a strong bond to the palm key but is also removable with carefully applied heat. To install, simply remove the palm key from the saxophone, apply the adhesive, attach the Ryanite riser, and let set up for 6 hours.

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