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Playnick Lars M2  Alto 4 Hard Rubber Mouthpiece

Playnick Lars M2 Alto 4 Hard Rubber Mouthpiece

This new Playnick Lars M2 Alto mouthpiece measures 0.061". Tip size 4.


PLAYNICK has specialised in the development and production of high-end mouthpieces for saxophone and clarinet for more than ten years. Their range of products are suitable for the international orchestra elite artist as well as the enthusiastic amateur musician that is looking to take the enxt step on their journey as a saxophonist!


The outstanding soft sound character, well balanced playing conditions and a reproducible quality product is appreciated by our clients all over the world. Furthermore we found the solution of all reed problems by developing our Lars Mlekusch mouthpiece line together with the saxophonist from Switzerland.


All mouthpieces out of this Lars Mlekusch mouthpiece line are adjusted to synthetic reeds (no warm up, no dry up, just stable quality).

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