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Music Medic Wilmington Flute

Music Medic Wilmington Flute

The Wilmington Flute is an amazing student flute at an excellent price. The flute is made in the same factory as our clarinets and the machining and build quality is excellent.


These flutes have key work and tolerances that are the same as instruments at a much higher price point. We've found that the players who try these instruments are impressed with the feel of the keys, the overall tone and "The Ring" in the upper register. These characteristics are usually found on much higher priced instruments and we are proud to offer this quality flute.


Every Wilmington Flute is playtested, adjusted, and set-up at our shop in Wilmington, NC by a professional woodwind technician. Anyone interested in dealer pricing for their rental fleet or school is invited to call us to find out more!

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