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BG Franck Bichon is one of the first French producers of wind instrument accessories. BG France makes midrange to professional level products including ligatures, straps, pads, stands, saxophone sets, heated pads, pillows and other cleaning accessories. 
  • Sizes: Soprano, Alto and Tenor
  • Fabric ligature with a 24K gold plated metal plate.
  • Reed contact with metal plate only, creating warmth, fullness and  allowing easier articulation.
  • Excellent ligature for the soloist, orchestra, large concert halls.
  • Compact and brilliant sound.
  • Easy staccato, exceptional radiance.
  • Versatile. For beginners to Pro players.
  • Compatible with most hard rubber mouthpieces.
Ligatures - BG Super Revelation
super-revelation-l14sr (1).jpg
Ligatures - BG Duo
  • Finishes: Silver plated, gold plated, rose gold plated, black lacquer.
  • Provides a bright/full tone for the alto saxophonist.
  • The Duo ligature offers reed contact/mouthpiece contact in only 4 places, maximizing vibrations.
  • This ligature offers a bright/full tone in every register.
BG France Comfort Harness For Women
BG’s “Comfort Harness” distributes the instrument’s weight evenly through the upper body. This gives the player the advantage of greater stamina. This harness is ideal for instrumentalists who enjoy the freedom of movement. This harness offers wide shoulder leather padding for extra comfort and features a coated metal snap hook.
Straps - Comfort Harness
BG France Comfort Harness For Man
BG Microfiber Universal Care Glove

Microfiber universal care glove and cloth to keep the outside of instruments clean.  BG’s Microfiber care glove and cloth absorb quickly and efficiently to help keep the outside of your instrument clean. This cloth is washer safe with a lifespan of more than 5 years.
Microfiber Universal Care Glove and Cloth
BG France Regular Care Cloth
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