Leave Keys Open to Dry
  • Stop sticky sax keys and reduce repair
  • Reduce sticky sax keys by 98%
  • Decreasing growth of bacteria and other dangers
  • No messy powders or chemicals
  • Alto, Tenor, Bari and C Melody saxophone.
Key Leaves Vent Vines and Saxophone Key Props at The Wedge Distribution

Key Leaves

Key Leaves Saxophone Key Props at The Wedge Distribution

The most celebrated saxophone care product in decades, our award winning Key Leaves care product opens saxophone key pads G#, Eb and Low C# to air dry after you play. They slide safely under the key arms of low Eb and C# without touching pad leather. Because Low C# links with G#, all three of the stickiest pads are left open to dry clean and free from sticky pad rot.

Spit Sponge - NEW!

Key Leaves Saxophone and Woodwind Spit Sponges at The Wedge Distribution

Spit happens! And spitty saxophone pads become a noisy, sticky mess. Spit Sponge™ pad dryers remove moisture left on the pads and tone holes that a saxophone swab just can't clean - extending pad life and keeping the sax cleaner. Dual texture pad cleaner with an ultra absorbent top to clean delicate pad leather, and a micro-textured bottom to scrub tone holes clean.

Vent Vine

Key Leaves Saxophone Vent Vines at The Wedge Distribution


Notice how all pads above the left hand are closed after you play. That traps wet bacteria against the pads and tone holes to rot. That nastiness in the sax also drips down onto the left hand keys making them sticky.
Totally prevent palm key sticking from High D and up. Reduce rot and metal corrosion on your sax tone holes

Key Leavs GapCap at The Wedge Distribution
Key Leavs GapCap at The Wedge Distribution
Key Leavs GapCap at The Wedge Distribution

GapCap™ is THE ULTIMATE SAX CARE CAP and won "Outstanding Product" designation from The Saxophonist Magazine.

Don't risk your saxophone with loose fitting end plugs, end caps and sax cases. GapCap™ flexes to fit your sax perfectly, screw adjusts to fit your case, shock absorbs impact, and vents air through the top and side for a cleaner saxophone and longer pad life.

Soprano Key Prop

Key Leaves Soprano Saxophone Key Props at The Wedge Distribution

The new Key Leaves self-fit-kit for soprano sax works with any model of straight or curved soprano saxophone and prevents frustrating sticking sax keys and pad rot. Fix your sticky G#, Eb and C# soprano sax pads for good by leaving the keys open to dry with Key Leaves. This product is the preferred soprano sax care method of artists including Roxy CossChika InoueAlex Singleton and many more.