NEW Copper Carbon Classic Fiberreed

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  • Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute, Neck/Mouthpiece



NEW Copper Carbon Classic Fiberreed

  • Infused with copper and carbon

  • Reinforced heart area

  • Full bodied

  • Fat low register

  • Warmer tone

  • More resistance

  • Comparable playing to cane reeds

  • Classic cut

  • Available: Alto and Tenor

Copper Carbon Classic Reed

Copper Carbon Classic Reed

$34.94Regular Price$27.95Sale Price

Instrument Stand - Saxophones

Saxophone Instrument Stands at The Wedge Distribution
  • Perfect match for Eb-Alto sax

  • Perfect match for Tenor sax

  • Alto Body Length: 7 1/2 inches

  • Tenor Body Length: 11 inches

  • Collapsible designs

  • Adjustable middle arm

  • Legs lock into place

  • Strong

  • Legs collapse into stand

  • Includes velvet bag

  • Compact for storage


Instrument Stand - Guitar

ST-12 - 1.jpg

Instrument Stand - Violin / Viola

Violin - Viola Stand at The Wedge Distribution

Instrument Stand - Multi-Instrument (3)

Multi-Instrument Stand at The Wedge Distribution

Music Stand - Light & Compact Carry-On

SMS-10S - 1.jpg

Music Stand - Collapsible Full Tray

SMS-50 -  1.jpg

Mic Stand - Round Cast Iron and Chrome

Round Iron n Chrome Base Mic Stand at The Wedge Distribution

Mic Stand - Iron Horse Base

Iron Horse Mic Stand at The Wedge Distribution

Anfree Swabs

ANFREE Saxophone Body Swabs at The Wedge Distribution
Anfree Flute Swab at The Wedge Distribution
ANFREE Clarinet Swab at The Wedge Distribution
Neck-Mouthpiece Swab at The Wedge Distribution

Anfree products make the job of cleaning your instrument simple and effective. The Swab designs allow them to move naturally in instruments while collecting dirt and moisture that can be trapped inside. The swabs are made out of microfiber: saxophone, clarinet, flute, neck, mouthpieces.

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