The Tornado Flute Booster
The Tornado Flute Booster (TFB) corrects the head cork plate shape from a flat surface to a shape like the base of a tornado, defining the eye of a tornado in your flute. This accelerates and regulates the wind spin in the entire flute, creating many advantages including a faster response and easier playing of the higher registers.
Musique de Marc Tornado Flute Booster at The Wedge Distribution
As a flute player, you probably noticed the ring of saliva at the corner of your cork plate and head joint tube that develops after only a few minutes of playing. This clogs the area and restricts air movement.
Tornado Flute Booster

Tornado Flute Booster

Makes your

flute SING!

Musique de Marc Tornado Flute Booster Endorser Anibal Rojas at The Wedge Distribution
Anibal Rojas
Jazz artist, USA
(Alicia Keys, Ceelo Green, Blood Sweat & Tears)
"Once the Tornado Flute Booster went in place, which only took a matter of seconds, it delivered! Bigger Fatter tone, ease of playing, better articulation, power and projection. Wonderful product! This is a must product to try specially for all of us doublers."
Musique de Marc Tornado Flute Booster Advocate Don Trimble at The Wedge Distribution
Don Trimble
Saxophone Repair Guru
Orange Coast Sax Shop
"I did feel and hear improvement in my middle range and tone. After several rehearsals and gigs, my sound quality and ease of play-ability was improved.
Working at my shop, I don’t have much time anymore to practice on my flute chops as I would like.  I'll definitely recommend Marc's TFB to colleagues and customers who are doubler like myself. "

"Do you know how awful the extreme high register usually sounds on an alto? Not any more. The high C fingering (high G 3) pops out clean and light. The alto tornado is even more useful on an alto as it is on a C flute flute. I am very, very pleased. "

- M. Afton Stewart

"Just put the TFB in my flute. Wow!!! I can trill on a Low C to any other note. It speaks so effortlessly!!!"

- Peter Gemmel


" I gave the FTB to my student today. He has a yamaha which is a bit stuffy and hard to play. the FTB worked magic, clearing up the sound and making it easy for him to play low and high notes. everything with more projection and less effort. Big hit!"

- Gregory Alper, Music Teacher

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