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Theo Wanne makes the most innovative and precise sax mouthpieces, horns and accessories in the world, redefining precision tip, side wall, rail and True Large Chamber  sculpting.

Theo Wanne DURGA 3 Mpc (Sop/Alto/Tenor/Bari)

Theo Wanne MANTRA 2 Alto Saxophone (Vintified)

Theo Wanne SHIVA 3 (Sop/Alto/Ten/Bari)

Theo Wanne Fire Alto Mouthpiece

Theo Wanne MANTRA Soprano Sax

Theo Wanne Shakti Alto Saxophone

Theo Wanne Mouthpieces and Instruments and Mouthpieces for Saxophone and Clarinet at The Wedge Distribution
New Theo Wanne Saxophones are in!
  • All saxophones are new designs based on customer feedback.
  • All models feature our custom neck, bore and tonehole designs; our triple neckstrap ring; and our special bell to body braces.
  • Each model has its own tone profile.
Theo Wanne NARAYAN Alto Saxophone at The Wedge Distribution
Theo Wanne MANTRA 2 Alto Saxophone at The Wedge Distribution

The SHAKTI Alto carries many of the features and qualities of the MANTRA 2 Alto, but at a much lower price!

The MANTRA Soprano is the best sounding soprano ever made.  BIG, full, clear and beautiful sound.   This is not a cookie cutter horn, but a truly unique 'improvement' on the soprano sax.  It comes in three versions: Straight, Curved Neck and Fully Curved.

We're also proud to introduce the MANTRA 2 Alto. ALthough still development, a few prototypes are available.

You want a fat, free tone, with oodles of core? You found it! 

The NARAYAN Alto saxophone is super light and flexible…it is the Ferrari of alto saxophones.  

The NEW 2019 NARAYAN is

freedom in the form of an alto saxophone!  It is designed to feel flexible, agile, and free.

Theo Wanne SHAKTI Saxophone at The Wedge Distribution
Theo Wanne Soprano Saxophones at The Wedge Distribution

Theo's mouthpieces have raised the bar for quality and functionality. Theo thrives on creating new innovations for the good of all musicians around the world.

Theo Wanne DURGA at The Wedge Distribution
  • Most advanced 3D CAD

  • Most complex interiors

  • Revolutionary True Large Chambers

  • Precise tips, side rails, and chambers

  • Liberty Ligature

  • Sound Enhancing Pressure Plates

  • Replaceable Bite Pads

"Best mouthpieces I have ever played!"

Gerald Albright
Gerald Albright, "The DURGA Speaks to ME!"
Nelson Rangell
Nelson Rangell, "Theo's mouthpieces have been a revelation."
Tim Price
Tim Price "Best mouthpieces I have ever played!
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"The DURGA speaks to me!"

"Theo's mouthpieces have been a revelation."

Theo Wanne Ambika at The Wedge Distribution
Hauntingly Dark
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