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Flipature, the world's first converitable and reversible ligature that fits wide range of saxophone and clarinet mouthpieces. Reverse effortless to fit wide range of mouthpieces.
Flipature Reversible Clarinet & Sax Ligature

Two sizes fits majority of soprano, clarinet and saxophone mouthpieces. All metal components are made of bare steel and two elastic bands are made of high-quality silicone.

Flipature Reversible Clarinet and Saxophone Ligature at The Wedge Distribution
Music Farm flipature 1.png
  • SHOULDER RAISERS : Reduces the ligarure diameter for smaller mouthpieces after reversing.

  •  TENSION ADJUSTER: Fits all M4 ligature screws (You may explore the fun behind this)

  •  FLEXIBLE REED HOLDERS: Fits all shapes of mouthpiece within the serving range of dimension. allows free vibration of the reed allows positioning adjustment for fine-tuning sound color and response. Reverse to fits smaller mouthpieces ..

Steel booster plate designed specially for Flipature ligature both DFM70 (soprano / clarinet) and DFM94 (alto/tenor). 

Booster for Flipature 2.jpg
Booster on Lig2.jpg
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