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Provide a barrier between your stand and your instrument’s finish.

Axe Hugger and Sax Hugger
Axe & Sax Hugger jpeg.jpg
Sax Hugger Close Sax.jpg
Bari Mouthpieces at The Wedge Distribution

Student, Step-Up and Pro Mouthpieces. Made in the USA.

Bari Mouthpieces
Bham4U at The Wedge Distribution

Subdued Excitement, The Best Gift.

Celebrating Bellingham, WA. 

Chasson Guitars at The Wedge Distribution

Very limited, custom crafted, innovative acoustic guitars. Made in Great NW.

Chasson Guitars
Fiberreed at The Wedge Distributin

Premium synthetic reeds for clarinet and saxophone from Germany.

Fiberreed and FiberRod
Forestone at The Wedge Distributin

Premium synthetic reeds and saxophones from Japan.

InEar at The Wedge Distributin

Premium In-Ear monitoring handcrafted in Germany.

Key Leaves at The Wedge Distribution

Stop sticky sax keys and reduce repair by 98%. Made in the USA.

Key Leaves
Musique de Marc at The Wedge Distribution

Tornado Flute Booster makes your flute sing. Made in USA.

Musique de Marc
Nadir Saxwind at The Wedge Distribution

Dave Guardala Reborn and Nadir sax mouthpieces from Germany.

Nadir Saxwind
Reed Geek Logo Sq.png

The art of better reeds. Obliterates stuffy reeds and fix warp-age and imbalances.

G4 BlackDiamond.png
Klang One Piece at The Wedge Distribution
Klang One Piece at The Wedge Distribution
Sound Synergies at The Wedge Distribution

With one application your gear sounds and plays better. 

Sound Synergies
Theo Wanne at The Wedge Distribution

Most innovative and precise woodwind mouthpieces and horns. Made in USA.

Theo Wanne Instruments
Wind Wynder at The Wedge Distribution

Keeps your music ON your music stand! MyPocketBin makes your stand handy.

Wind Wynder


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