NEW Products:

  • GapCap & Soprano Key Props from Key Leaves

  • KIMAFUN Wireless Instrument Mics for Electric Instruments, Violin, Flute, and UHF High-End. 

Ron Holloway's new Fusion Hand-Made 11*

Johnny Blas Magical Theo-Fiberreed Combo

New Products

GapCap from Key Leaves

Key Leavs GapCap at The Wedge Distribution

Soprano Key Prop

Key Leaves Soprano Saxophone Key Props at The Wedge Distribution

GapCap™ is THE ULTIMATE SAX CARE CAP and won "Outstanding Product" designation from The Saxophonist Magazine.

Don't risk your saxophone with loose fitting end plugs, end caps and sax cases. GapCap™ flexes to fit your sax perfectly, screw adjusts to fit your case, shock absorbs impact, and vents air through the top and side for a cleaner saxophone and longer pad life.

The new Key Leaves self-fit-kit for soprano sax works with any model of straight or curved soprano saxophone and prevents frustrating sticking sax keys and pad rot. Fix your sticky G#, Eb and C# soprano sax pads for good by leaving the keys open to dry with Key Leaves. This product is the preferred soprano sax care method of artists including Roxy Coss, Chika Inoue, Alex Singleton and many more.

KM-G207 Electric mic (guitar, piano, drum, etc)
KM-G207 Electric mic (guitar, piano, drum, etc) at The Wedge Distributon 1
KM-CX220-3 Violin Microphone
KM-CX220-3 Violin Microphone at The WedgeDistributon 1
KM-G150-4 Flute Microphone
KM-G150-4 Flute Microphone at The Wedge Distribution 1
KM-U308-A High End Instrument Microphone
KM-U308-A High End Instrument Microphone atThe Wedge Distributon 1
"I am really loving the mouthpieces you made for me!"
Ron Holloway on his new Nadir Saxwind Fusion 11* at The Wedge Distributon

Ron Holloway on his new custom Fusion 11*

The ultimate Fusion Sound, combining the most popular tenor mouthpieces: STUDIO + MB + MB II. The baffle is a combination of Studio and MB II. The chamber is a combination of MB and MB II. ORIGINAL and HAND-MADE available. Perfect for Fusion-Jazz as well as Contemporary/Pop and Rock. Tip 7,8, and 9.
Johnny Blas Magical Theo Wanne-Fiberreed Combo
Theo Wanne Shakti Alto Saxophone

Theo Wanne Shakti Alto Saxophone

Theo Wanne DURGA 3 Mpc (Sop/Alto/Tenor/Bari)

Theo Wanne DURGA 3 Mpc (Sop/Alto/Tenor/Bari)

Fiberreed Carbon Premium Synthetic Reed

Fiberreed Carbon Premium Synthetic Reed

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