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NEW Products to Welcome 2020!

  • Spit Sponges - Spit Happens!

  • Sweet Spots Drum Dampeners

          - Fellow Bellinghamsters!

  • KIMAFUN Wireless Instrument Mics

A Sideways Two Day Special!

Key Leaves Spit Sponge

Saxophone and Woodwind Versions

KL Spit Sponge Multi Slide.png

The Sweet Spots

Drum Dampeners

The Sweet Spots.png

Mike Far found his Sweet Spots!

Mike Far found his sweet spots.jpg

KIMAFUN Wireless Instrument Mics

Featuring KM-G306-3 and KM-G150-3

KM-G306-3 Pic1-6.png
KM-G150-3 Pic1-4.png

A Sideways Two Day Special

Axe Huggers and Sax Huggers

Axe & Sax Hugger jpeg.jpg

Left Side Special

20% Off Axe Huggers

(Reg $23)

Purchase Code: leftside


Right Side Special

15% Off Sax Huggers

(Reg $23)

Purchase Code: rightside


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