• With less than 10 minutes of training, you will have better sounding and more responsive reeds...guaranteed.

  • ReedGeek pays for itself within 2 boxes of reeds.

    ReedGeek tools last years, with no sharpening required during its lifetime.

  • ReedGeeks are perfect for students, schools and are safe for airplane travel

  • ReedGeek's research team is comprised of the world's top players

  • ReedGeek obliterates STUFFY REEDS, the #1 complaint of players. 

  • Fix reed table warpage.

  • Fix imbalances at the tip, side-rails and heart due to varying cane densities.

ReedGeek Black Diamond G4

ReedGeek Black Diamond G4

ReedGeek’s Newest One Piece Klangbogen

ReedGeek’s Newest One Piece Klangbogen

ReedGeek Bullet

ReedGeek Bullet

ReedGeek Plaque & Gauge Set

ReedGeek Plaque & Gauge Set

ReedGeek Original Klangbogen (Three Pin Set)

ReedGeek Original Klangbogen (Three Pin Set)

"It's the only reed tool that's ever worked for me."

"... makes working on reeds very convenient and easy. Mauro, thanks a million for designing such a practical reed tool."

"No product comes close to matching ReedGeek's versatility and effectiveness. I stand behind it 100%."

"If you're going to compete, then you're gonna need a 'Geek. "Finest Reed" adjustment tools ever made!"

"We are all Reed Geeks and always will be, as long as we love tone ... so go get a 'Geek'"

"The ReedGeek is the best reed tool ever!"

Tim Price

"Love the Klangbogen. My sound is more centered and it is easier to articulate."

"The ReedGeek is amazing... You've made our lives easier and for that I thank you! It's life changing fo sure."

"You need to hear it and feel it to believe it!"

The “Bullet”

ReedGeek’s newest and most advanced tool to date, offers its user ground breaking advances to reed adjustment and maintenance. It is the most effective tool for the adjustment of synthetic polymer reeds, both single and double, not to mention its effortless cut on natural cane.
Utilizing advanced aerospace diamond-like alloys, the ReedGeek bullet exhibits an edge of 94 RC hardness and is machined to tolerances closer than virtually any reed or woodworking tool on the market today. This precision allows double reed players to adjust tip contours to achieve maximum vibration without damage to the reed or its tip.
With a built-in shank file, for burnishing and smoothing, every surface of the Bullet can be used for great efficiency. A stand alone, handle-less tool.
Reed Geek Bullet reed tool at The Wedge Distibution

G4 Black Diamond

The G4 is the newest member of the ReedGeek Universal family. It utilizes state of the art, 100% USA alloy with very high vanadium carbide content for exceptionally good wear resistance. With our beautiful “Black Diamond” wear finish fostering a smooth “buttery” glide to the cut, the G4 excels on both natural cane and all synthetic reeds. Exciting features include a newly designed length with a comfortably rounded back scraper (for further adjustment options), a radius tip for precision work and two contoured and curved rail bevels (specially designed to profile rails and re-contour the spine & heart of both single and double reeds). With advanced profiling abilities such as these, the G4 is a must for every serious reed player!

Encased in our ReedGeek self-locking neoprene bag and case, instructions included.

ReedGeek G4 Black Diamond at The Wedge Distribution
ReedGeek G4 Black Diamond with Guage at The Wedge Distribution

G4 Black Diamond with Plague & Gauge Set

The Plaque Set allows you to measure and locate mouthpiece facing length and note the exact position for reed adjustment and balancing. The topside of the plaque (marked tip) can also be used to support the reed while using your ReedGeek to make precise adjustments to the reed’s tip. Instructions are included.

ReedGeek Plaque & Gauge Set at The Wedge Distribution

Klangbogen Bore & Reed Stabilizer

The Klangbogen™ instantly increases output and depth of tone of the saxophone while stabilizing the extreme ranges of the horn so it speaks with clarity.

Encased in our ReedGeek self-locking neoprene bag and case, instructions included.

Standard Reedgeek Klangbogen with Full Pin Set

ReedGeek Klangbogen at The Wege Distribution

NEW! Klangbogen One Piece

ReedGeek’s Newest One Piece Klangbogen at The Wedge Distribution

This beautifully crafted resonance bow is the latest reed and overtone stabilizer designed specifically to fit saxophones that do not have the traditional lyre attachments on the horn, such as Yamaha. The One Piece Klangbogen user enjoys all of the sound benefits of the Original plus the convenience of being able to use it on any horn — including bass clarinets with an adjustable tuning neck screw, and soprano saxophones.

ReedGeek’s Newest One Piece Klangbogen at The Wedge Distribution
ReedGeek Original Klangbogen (Three Pin Set) at The Wedge Distribution
ReedGeek Original Klangbogen (Three Pin Set) at The Wedge Distribution

The newly updated ReedGeek Klangbogen set is the latest innovative product offering from ReedGeek. A beautifully crafted solid brass bow, the Klangbogen is a reed and overtone stabilizer which fits most saxophone makes and models and attaches to the seldom used music lyre screw holder.


Initially conceived by German artisan and ReedGeek team member “Toko”, and ReedGeek perfected , the Klangbogen™ instantly increases output and depth of tone of the saxophone while stabilizing the extreme ranges of the horn enabling it to speak with clarity. Maximizing the air flow through the conical tube, Klangbogen improves the efficiency of a balanced reed by supporting and reducing air turbulence at the neck-tenon and palm keys that have historically suffered tremendous nodal disturbance. This enables the player to achieve a rich saxophone sound with great forward projection and point (focus) to the sound.

New 3 pin set enables proper fit for all saxophone lyre positions and sizes. Includes one .16″ diameter pin, and two .14″ diameter pins.


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