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Music Medic is a world recognized leader in pioneering and changing the way people use and think about their band instruments through education, improved tools, supplies, and techniques. A company founded and run by musicians, and focused on woodwind repair tools and supplies.

Music Medic Products


The Wilmington Clarinets have a  good tone, even intonation, and easy to play key mechanisms.  A specialized technician sets up and play tests every single  clarinet at our shop in Wilmington, NC, USA.  This extra service guarantees that your new clarinet meets our demanding specifications and is a high-quality instrument at a great price.
The Wilmington Flute is an amazing student flute at an excellent price. The flute is made in the same factory as the clarinets and the machining and build quality is excellent. 

Saxophone Comfort Thumb Hooks & Adapters

Music Medic Comfort Thumb Hooks at The Wedge Distribution
Music Medic Comfort Thumb Hooks at The Wedge Distribution
Music Medic Comfort Thumb Hooks at The Wedge Distribution
These are the most comfortable thumb hooks on the market. Our over-size thumb hooks are sleek and adjustable, allowing the player to get the exact angle for their shape of hand and playing position. Available in brass, silver and soft silver finishes.
The Adapter Kit is available for instruments with
soldered-on thumb rest. Simply remove the existing thumb hook, solder the base in place where desired, and screw on the Comfort Rest.
The adapter is sold in bare brass, and can be matched to your instrument's finish at your discretion. Individual parts for thumb hook adapters are available.
Somewhere near the center of the earth, a rare element was discovered by the Sax ProShop's own Ryan Walker. He named the element of swirling beauty Ryanite and brought it at once to the Sax ProShop where he began his top secret testing. He emerged with the most striking palm key risers ever seen and they are now available to saxophone players everywhere!

Palm Key Risers

Music Medic High Viscosity Hooks at The Wedge Distribution
The Ultimax lubricating system takes the guesswork out of lubricating woodwind instruments.
A complete system of synthetic lubricants designed to work together, Ultimax lubricants are safe for use on all woodwinds because they will not react with each other or any part of your instrument. 

Ultimax High Viscosity Key Oil

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