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Dave Guardala Reborn and Nadir New Model saxophone mouthpieces. Home of the Michael Brecker models, FATBOY models, Fusion, and Nadir's new Sky mouthpiece, which brings a new, modern sound to the old Otto Link design. It has a smooth, rollover baffle and a FatBoy body.

  • Exact reproductions of Dave Guardala models 

  • Dedication to precision with German CNC machines and engineering

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Dave Guardala and Nadir Mouthpieces
DG - Nadir Mouthpieces at The Wedge Distribution
Ron Holloway on his new Nadir Saxwind Fusion 11* at The Wedge Distributon
"I am really loving the mouthpieces you made for me!"
Ron Holloway on his new Nadir Saxwind Fusion 11* at The Wedge Distributon

Ron Holloway on his new custom Fusion 11*

The ultimate Fusion Sound, combining the most popular tenor mouthpieces: STUDIO + MB + MB II. The baffle is a combination of Studio and MB II. The chamber is a combination of MB and MB II. ORIGINAL and HAND-MADE available. Perfect for Fusion-Jazz as well as Contemporary/Pop and Rock. Tip 7,8, and 9.
DG Booster - The Wedge Distribution
  • Better Intonation
  • Easy response
  • Bigger sound
  • Greater dynamic range
  • Attach on mouthpiece or neck
  • Dave Guardala design
  • Material: Copper or Brass
  • Finish: Gold or Silver plating
  • 100% made in Germany
  • Three sizes for metal pieces:
    • Aizen, Bari, Beechler, Brilhard, Berg, Bay,  Dukoff, Jody Jazz, Lawton, Lebayle, Meyer, Otto Link, RS Berkeley, Ted Klum, Yanagisawa
  • Can be used on Sax Neck for hard rubber mouthpieces​
Booster on Mpc.png
New DG Boosters

FatBoy FiberCarbon DG & Nadir Model

Nadir Saxwind Dave Guardala Reborn and Nadir Improvement Models at The Wedge Distribution