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Win-D-Fender is the solution to a problem that has affected flute players for centuries. Wind silences the flute!​

Whether playing outdoor concerts, marching band performances, or wedding gigs on the beach, wind is a verifiable nightmare for flute players. Win-D-Fender and the NEW En-D-Fender solve this problem once and for all.

"My tone was completely unaffected by the wind. It felt just like playing indoors. I wish I had this back in my marching band days."

Dr. Shauna Kay Thompson
Professor of Flute at Texas Christian University

  • Lightweight and comfortable.

  • Installs easily and safely.

  • Secures to the flute. 

  • Shields the lip plate from all directions. 

  • Does not interfer with the player's air stream. 

  • Ventilated design helps limit condensation. 

  • Enhances sound projection.

  • Flute can be heard outdoors like never before. 

  • Protects tone by preventing ambient winds from entering the foot joint.

  • Allows for normal tone production over full range of the flute.

  • Fits most flute family instruments.

  • Machine washable. 

Innovation Engineering
Win-D-Fender at The Wedge Distribution
Win-D-Fender at The Wedge Distribution

Computer Aided Design (CAD), Human Centered Design (HCD) and Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) methodologies standardized in the automotive, aerospace, defense and construction industries were fundamental in the Win-D-Fender design.

The Win-D-Fender represents thousands of hours of engineering calculations, computer simulations, user trials, and laboratory validation. Every feature, contour and curve is designed to optimize engineering performance:


  • The exterior shape maximizes wind protection and promotes aerodynamic wind flow around the Win-D-Fender.

  • The interior profile manages turbulence for seamless sound generation.

  • The unique shape is designed to provide a personal "sound mirror".

  • Every surface and feature is scrutinized to minimize weight.

  • The "W" hole size and pattern are optimized for sound projection and condensation relief, while preventing wind intrusion.

  • The height is optimized to preserve the users' air stream without interfering with the nose, cheek or other facial features.

  • The mouth opening is designed to accommodate a broad range of face sizes and shapes while shielding the lip plate.

  • Even the spring tension force was meticulously tested to provide critical clamp force and still be easily operated by the 95th percentile flutist.

The Win-D-Fender may be one of the most well engineered musical accessories in history.

We conducted research and spectral analysis at an independent acoustics laboratory. Dr Jon Nelson’s team of technicians and analysts performed the test, analyzed the data and provided conclusions.

The test results were an overwhelming success. Win-D-Fender conclusively improved flutists’ ability to play in the wind.

General Conclusions:

  • Win-D-Fender greatly improves flute performances in windy conditions

  • Win-D-Fender provides uninterrupted tone in windy conditions

  • Win-D-Fender has minimal impact on tone production.

  • Most performers and listeners will experience no discernable differences in pitch, timbre and amplitude.

Analysis performed by:
Dr. Jon Christopher Nelson​

Win-D-Fender at The Wedge Distribution
Laboratory Testing
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