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Synthetic technology greatly improves nature's cane. Our fibers, infusions, and secret crafting make Fiberreed Better than Cane and Best of Brand!

The new Copper Carbon Classic Alto and Tenor will be available at NAMM. The reeds received excellent reviews at Music China 2019. 


World's most advanced and cane-like synthetic reeds for clarinet and saxophone. Better than Cane & Best of Brand!

Sign-Up on our Priority List for our new Copper Carbon reeds. 
They will be available at NAMM 2020 in January and to the public in Febuary to March.
Slide - Copper Carbon on box with 5 reed
Fiberreed - Better than Cane & Best of Brand! World's best reeds for clarinet and saxophone.

Synthetic fibers with cellular-like supports (just like nature) provide unmatched strength, durability and flexibility.

Legend Tom Scott
"A new standard in reed superiority!"
Archie Shepp
Archie Shepp, "Fiberreed has proven immensely helpful to me. Highly recommend!"
Bill Saxton
Bill Saxton, "My search is over! Pure woodwind sound."
Rolf Kuhn
Rolf Kuhn, "Can ALWAYS rely on my Fiberreeds! Wonderful!
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"Immensly helpful to me. I highly recommend!"

"My search is over! Pure woodwind sound!"

"Can ALWAYS rely on my Fiberreeds! Wonderful!"

Harry magically weaves layers of special fivers (like hemp and carbon) into his Fiberreed material.

Hemp Fiberreed Close Up - Better than Cane & Best of Brand
Play as beautiful as they look!
Better than Cane & Best of Brand
Best Sellers - Most Popular!

FiberCarbon Onyx Reed

Fiberreed Hemp Premium Synthetic Reed

Fiberreed Carbon Premium Synthetic Reed


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