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Afro-Cuban Songs for Latin Ensemble - 2

Afro-Cuban Songs for Latin Ensemble - 2

Part 2 - Piano, gGuitar, bass, congas, bongos / campana, timbales, guiro, play along-CD for all instruments.


Afro – Cuban music is my great love. These beautiful melodies and rhythms have fascinated me for a long time. In searching for suitable Play-alongs for myself and my students, I found that there are hardly any featuring this great music. The ones I found were almost exclusively produced with synthesizers, samplers and computers. I made the decision to create my own work with real musicians and “genuine” instruments.


In order to achieve the energy as well as the heart and soul of Afro – Cuban music, all instruments heard were played “live” without a click track. It was important that the music sounded authentic making it a joy to play along with it.

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