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BRITETone Brass & Woodwind Care

BRITETone Brass & Woodwind Care


Next-generation Instrument Care for Brass & Winds

BRITETone is an advanced micro-thin conditioning lubricant for all brass, wind, orchestral, and band instruments. One-step fast & easy spray-on application:

  • Treats all metal surfaces and components of brass, wind, orchestra, and band instruments
  • Lifts away grime and contaminants to prevent corrosion and oxidation
  • Safe, effective and gentle formula will not migrate or build up
  • Frees and lubricates stuck valves and keys for smooth, accurate play
  • Conditions mouthpieces, keys, valves, slides, etc.
  • Lubricates to reduce friction, preventing excess wear and extending playing life

One simple, easy, and fast BRITETone® application dries to the touch in seconds, lifting away contaminants and grime for smoother playing action, enriched tonal quality, and long-lasting protection under demanding conditions. Try BRITETone® today!


BRITETone® gives horn and other orchestra players a total instrument care maintenance solution with a specialized conditioning formula that lifts away and removes dust and grime from all metal parts, then provides a micro-thin lubricant barrier that facilitates silky-smooth playing response. Valves, mouthpiece receivers, keys, slides, tubes, and all moving parts react instantly and experience less wear due to reduced friction after the easy one-step application.  BRITETone is compatible with all valve oils and keeps them fresher, longer. Read our report on valve oil compatibility and application.


New Conditioning Technology for Brass and Wind Instruments
BRITETone’s specialized lubricant formula provides a micro-thin lubricant barrier that banishes noise, facilitates silky-smooth playing response, and conditions horns to resist pitting, corrosion, and oxidation. BRITETone gives brass and metal surfaces an attractive finish, but will not act as a polish or stripper that can damage fine finishes of brass instruments. Once applied, the formula will not migrate or build up, and is safe and gentle for fine wood and metal surfaces.

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