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Chateau Valencay Alto Saxophone (CAS-22)

Chateau Valencay Alto Saxophone (CAS-22)

Chateau Valencay Alto Saxophone (CAS-22)


Château saxophones are handcrafted from beginning to end. Every process from shaping, soldering, buffing and lacquering, to assembling is completed under strict quality controls in our factory. Château’s saxophones have many great features; precise intonation, superior resonant, pure sound, and durability.


The Valencay 22 series saxophone is an amazing instrument for beginner musicians and students.

Features: Brass, Ribbed Construction, High F#, Bell Engraved, Mother of Pearl Key Buttons, Pisoni HT Pads.



  • Brush (Antigue) - Special order (please contact)
  • Gold Lacquer
  • Nickel - Special order (please contact)

Theo Wanne testimonial:

"If I had one horn to sell, it would be the Chateau Valencay student model. It blew me away. I've visited their shop many times, and it is one of the best managed shops I've ever seen! The Valencay is on another level with superb quality, sound and play."

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