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Made in Germany by Nadir Saxwind, the Dave Guardla mouthpiece master craftsman.


5 Styles are available:

  • DG Black, Thick (0.8 mm), Large size
  • DG Black, Thick (0.9 mm), Small Size  
  • DG Clear, Thin (0.4 mm), Large size
  • DG Clear, Thin (0.4 mm), Small size
  • DG Clear, Thick (0.9 mm), Small Size



  • Large size fits hardrubber and metal Otto Links and Meyers perfectly and many others for Clarinet, Alto, Tenor, Bari
  • Small size fits Nadir metal mouthpieces perfectly and many others
  • Clear patches made of a longer lasting silicon
  • Black patch made from durable hard rubber

DG (Dave Guardala) Mpc Bite Pads



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