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Purchase different pins, for replacements or for a customized look and sound

(i.e. silver pin with gold Klangbogen).

  • Gold Knurled  - Promotes a velvety richness to the sound
  • Silver Knurled - Promotes clarity and highs
  • Brass Knurled - Creates focus and “guts”
  • Brass Non-knurled - Creates focus and “guts”


The newly updated ReedGeek Klangbogen pins are the latest innovative product offering from ReedGeek, Inc. A beautifully crafted solid brass bow, the Klangbogen is a reed and overtone stabilizer which fits most saxophone makes and models and attaches to the seldom used music lyre screw holder. 


Initially conceived by German artisan and ReedGeek team member “Toko”, and ReedGeek perfected , the Klangbogen™ instantly increases output and depth of tone of the saxophone while stabilizing the extreme ranges of the horn enabling it to speak with clarity. Maximizing the air flow through the conical tube, Klangbogen improves the efficiency of a balanced reed by supporting and reducing air turbulence at the neck-tenon and palm keys that have historically suffered tremendous nodal disturbance. This enables the player to achieve a rich saxophone sound with great forward projection and point (focus) to the sound.

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