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Fiberreed Hemp Premium Synthetic Reed

Fiberreed Hemp Premium Synthetic Reed

80% Organic Material for a Darker, Earthy Sound!


Please note, there is no THC in our reeds. It is the natural strength and flexibility of the fibers that makes these reeds so wonderful.


Fiberreed's Premium synthetic reeds have a bi-directional and layered cellular-support-structure like nature, providing umatched consistency, durability and cane-like play. There is no other synthtetic reed like them! And, they are all unique and beautiful.


Same great benefits as all Fiberreeds:

  • Last 20-30 times longer compared to a cane reed
  • Play 100% from the first second
  • Extremely durable and resistant against splitting
  • Never dry out because they do not absorb moisture
  • Alway available in exactly the same quality
  • Easy to clean and therefor hygienic and odourless even after month of use


Harry Hartmann, Founder, has over 25 years of experience in building woodwind synthetic reeds. Harry's expertise has been united with state-of-the-art production to make synthetic reeds that are Better than Cane and Best of Brand!

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