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Forestone Tenor Saxophone

Forestone Tenor Saxophone

$5,100.00 Regular Price
$3,570.00Sale Price
The Forestone Tenor Saxophone, by the master Atsushi Watanabe, fulfills highest Japanese quality standards with a unique sound and world's finest manufacturing quality.

Our CRYOGENIC process improves the resonance of every single part. The new hybrid post construction gives the saxophone freer vibration, an easier sound attack and a special colorful sound. The saxophone is described as a fusion of Selmer and Conn.

The rich, gold lacquered version has a compact and warm modern sound which can be easy modulated.
The unlacquered version has more resonant and spread sound like vintage American instruments.

- Made in japan with premium Japanese equipment
- CRYOGENIC freezing process
- Pisoni Pro Pads
- Hybrid post construction
- Two necks (second Jazz neck included)
- Hand engraved neck and bell
- Yellow brass

* Optional Carbon fiber jazz neck with more core and punch
Rolled Tone Holes
Carbon Fiber Jazz Neck

Vibration Cryogenic Treatment (VCT)


During the manufacturing process, metal parts of the instrument are exposed not only to high temperature and pressure, but also to excessive vibration which alters the metal structure itself. Forestone developed the VCT to evenly rearrange metal particles and improve the sound quality of the instruments.


The process consists in immersing metal parts in liquid nitrogen (-196 °C). This technique was first implemented by the audio cable maker AET, and has many advantages:


  • Protecting the instrument against corrosion

  • Increasing metal resistance and resonance

  • Improving the response of the instrument and its sound


Sonic ageing treatment


The sound of saxophones is said to become more mature as the instrument is played. That is why Forestone developed a sonic treatment which makes new saxophones sound mature before being played by customers.

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