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KM-G306-3 Wireless Instrument Mic

KM-G306-3 Wireless Instrument Mic

KM-G306-3 Wireless instrument microphone

Instruments: saxophone, trumpet, tuba, trompone, tenor horn, french horn, etc.

  • Simple assembly
  • Natural, clear sound with volume control
  • 14*6.5mm unidirectional condenser mic capsule
  • Wide voice range, clear sound with high sensitivy
  • Patent noise canceling
  • New type slot screw clamp
  • UHF 500-980 frequency adjustable

  • Professional stage performances

  • U segment transmission constant frequency

  • True diversity 200m transmission

  • Four channel signal optional

  • Battery charging 2 hours and can use for 6-8 hours


Mic capsule: condenser
Capsule diamater: φ14.0*6.5mm
Directivity: unidirectional
Sensitivity: -47db±2db
Frequency range: 40Hz-16KHz
Output impedance: ≤680Ω
Operating voltage: 2.0V-10.0V DC
SNR:>63db, Wire: 1.5m

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