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LECTRICare Cine & Broadcast

LECTRICare Cine & Broadcast


The video and multimedia professionals’ best friend!

LECTRICare Cine & Broadcastis a conductive copolymer coating forsensitive electronic gear. One-step fast & easyspray-on application:

  • Restores and conditions cine, video, and other multimedia electronic equipment
  • Increases resistance to heat, cold, and humidity
  • Eliminates static, noise, and interference
  • Lifts away grime and dust for solid, error-free electrical connections
  • Reduces friction to prevent wear and tear
  • Increases conduction of metal & plastic conductive surfaces


One simple, easy, and fast LECTRICare® Cine & Broadcast application dries to the touch in seconds,  ifting away contaminants and grime for improved overall functionality, improved resistance to drop-outs and noise, and long-lasting protection from excess heat and climactic conditions. Try LECTRICare® Cine & Broadcast today!


A lot of factors come together in cinema and broadcast
production. There is the human element-actors, camera
operators, lighting and production techs, and then there is
the electronic and lighting gear that’s so critical to making the
audio and visuals work together seamlessly. Cameras, audio
mixers, switchers, microphones, lighting, rigging, and more
make amazing things possible yet can be so vulnerable to
damage from environmental elements like exposure to sand,
dirt, humidity, dust and water. Oxidation build-up, heat and
friction can also increase the likelihood of a number of potential
technical and operational difficulties. LECTRICare® Cine &
Broadcast is a breakthrough conditioning and lubricant formula that  transforms the critical area of gear maintenance to prevent excess wear and contamination.


Breakthrough micro-barrier lubricant technology allows increased contact of conductive metal surfaces like jacks, plugs, etc. to ensure that drop-outs, static, or interference won’t be a deal breaker. Your visual art is important and to make sure your equipment won’t let you down - have LECTRICARE® Cine & Broadcast in your tool kit wherever you go.

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