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LECTRICare Music Electronics

LECTRICare Music Electronics

Keep your electronic music gear road and studio-ready!

4oz Trigger Spray.


LECTRICare Music Electronics is a conductive copolymer coating forelectronics. One-step, simple, easy, FastTM spray on application:


  • Restores and conditions electronic music instrument components: pots, switches, jacks, plugs, wiring etc.
  • Increases resistance to heat, cold, and humidity
  • Eliminates static, noise, and interference
  • Reduces friction to prevent wear and tear
  • Increases conduction of metal & plastic conductive surfaces


One simple, easy, and fast LECTRICare® for Music Electronics application dries to the touch in seconds, lifting away contaminants and grime for improved overall functionality, improved resistance to drop-outs and noise, and long-lasting protection from excess heat and climactic conditions. Try LECTRICare® Music Electronics today!

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