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Theo Wanne Mouthpiece Cap

Theo Wanne Mouthpiece Cap

A cap for Theo Wanne mouthpieces to protect your mouthpiece with reed on.


“We know this has been a long time coming…but we wanted to do it right. A lot of love went into its design, so that even if you drop the mouthpiece, it won’t damage the mouthpiece tip!”

– Theo Wanne


Theo Wanne™ mouthpieces come standard with our Reed Replacer Cap which protects the mouthpiece in storage, and when traveling, better than any other cap in the world.   However, it cannot be used when the reed is still on the mouthpiece.   Use the Reed Keeper™ cap when you wish to leave the reed on the mouthpiece, such as when you are on stage, or during practice sessions.  The Reed Keeper™ Cap will STILL protect the mouthpiece tip, even when dropped!”


If you look closely, you will see this is not an ordinary cap, a lot of thought went into it.    We have a size that fits every current-version Theo Wanne™ mouthpiece!


  • Small Size Fits Alto and Soprano current version metal and hard-rubber Theo Wanne™  mouthpieces. Will also fit many, but not all, older model Theo Wanne™ metal alto, and hard-rubber or metal soprano mouthpieces.  Will fit EARTH and FIRE with the Liberty Ligature, but not with the standard slide on ligature.  Will not fit NYBROS or other Large Body alto mouthpieces.  
  • Large Size Fits Tenor and Baritone current-version metal and hard-rubber Theo Wanne™mouthpieces. Will also fit many, but not all, older model metal Theo Wanne™ tenor mouthpieces.  Will not fit SLANT SIG or other Large Body alto mouthpieces. 
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