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Music Flow Zone

Music Flow Zone

A Peak Performance Guide for Musicians
The Science Behind Creating a Music Career You Love!


Become the best artist you can be Tap into the sweet spot of musical peak performance. MUSIC  FLOW ZONE is a peak performance guide for musicians. These strategies are based on cutting-edge research within performance psychology, neuroscience, and music performance. 


MUSIC FLOW ZONE changes the songwriting game! You’ll explore the Music Flow Formula musicians use to write better songs in only 11–13 minutes or write an astonishing 172 new songs in 9 weeks. Artists experience astounding outcomes, including impressive surges in creativity, motivation, and meaning, leading to more time and reduced stress.

The experience of flow is the most significant predictor of success and fulfillment in music. It allows you to enter a creative peak state where time seems to disappear and inspiration flows effortlessly. Beyond that, it gives you a sense of purpose and meaning that will sustain your passion and commitment to your music over a lifetime.

Cultivating the MUSIC FLOW ZONE will enable you to connect with the very essence of your artistry, achieving long-term fulfillment in music. This is your manual to create a music areer you love and become the best artistyou can be. Now, let’s get after it.


Our mission at The Window Music is to help driven and passionate musicians create their greatest music, and beyond that, to make an impact with their music and create a bigger cultural picture with their art. As a passionate musician, I have had the pleasure of touring throughout Europe, the US, Brazil, Hong Kong, and Japan due to the success of various music projects and releases of these projects around the globe. Throughout my musical journey I have collaborated with world-renowned musicians and producers, including Grammy nominees, and recorded in iconic studios such as Sound City.
— Johannes Formella, Executive Director



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