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Music Medic Comfort Thumb Hook and Parts

Music Medic Comfort Thumb Hook and Parts

These are the most comfortable thumb hooks on the market. Our over-size thumb hooks are sleek and adjustable, allowing the player to get the exact angle for their shape of hand and playing position.  Standard soldered-on thumb hooks often force your thumb and hand into a position that may be uncomfortable, causing strain on the hand and wrist and cramping.  MusicMedic Comfort Thumb Hooks give you a firm grip that stops unnecessary thumb motion. The extension off the side gives your thumb full support.
Comfort Thumb Hooks are available in smooth Bare Brass, Smooth Silver plate, and Soft Touch Satin Silver and fit most saxophones that have a removable thumb hook.
The Adapter Kit is available for instruments with soldered-on thumb rest. Simply remove the existing thumb hook, solder the base in place where desired, and screw on the Comfort Rest. The adapter is sold in bare brass, and can be matched to your instrument's finish at your discretion. Individual parts for thumb hook adapters are available
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