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Nadir Saxwind Fusion Saxophone Mouthpiece

Nadir Saxwind Fusion Saxophone Mouthpiece

The ultimate Fusion Sound, combining the most popular tenor mouthpieces: STUDIO + MB + MB II. The baffle is a combination of Studio and MB II. The chamber is a combination of MB and MB II. ORIGINAL and HAND-MADE available. Perfect for Fusion-Jazz as well as Contemporary/Pop and Rock. Tip 7,8, and 9.


*Please note, the picture shown is a Custom Hand-Made piece for Ron Holloway. That particular piece is not for sale. Engraving options only come with custom orders. 


The Handmade model is a custom order made in Germany by Nadir. The order could take 2-3 months as Nadir is often back ordered. Handmade models incorporate Nadir's lifetime of mouthpiece expertise. He spends extra time customizing an Original model to add his own enhancements. 


Please contact us directly to order a Custom Hand-Made Fusion.

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