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PROcussionCare CymbalCare

PROcussionCare CymbalCare

Maximize cymbal sound, response, appearance and durability.

4oz Trigger Spray.


PROcussionCare CymbalCare is a copolymer micro-barrier conditioning formula
for all cymbals. One-step fast & easy spray-on application:


  • Helps prevent cymbal breakage and impact wear
  • Restores and conditions cymbal surfaces without harsh strippers or cleaners
  • Preserves cymbals’ natural surface patina for authentic tone
  • Enhances resonance and stick response
  • Improves stick definition and rebound


One easy PROCussionCare CymbalCare application dries to the touch in seconds, lifting away   contaminants and grime for improved response, increased resistance to cracking and warping, and superior tone and stick definition.

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