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PROcussionCare WearBarrier

PROcussionCare WearBarrier

Makes drumheads sound better and last longer!

4oz Trigger Spray.


PROcussionCare WearBarrier a copolymer micro-barrier conditioning formula for drumheads, stick tips, and hard mallet heads. One-step fast & easy spray-on application:


  • Creates a larger drumhead “sweet spot”
  • Enhances head-to-bearing-edge contact for more accurate tuning
  • Provides deeper, richer drumhead tone
  • Improves resonance and sensitivity to grace notes
  • Increased durability of drumheads, sticks, and mallets


One simple, easy, and fast PROCussionCare Wear Barrier application dries to the touch in seconds, lifting away contaminants and grime for improved response, more resistance to drumhead and stick breakage, and superior drum head tone and rebound. Try PROcussionCare® WearBarrier today!

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