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ReedGeek 1 Piece Soprano Sax Klangbogen Stabilizer

ReedGeek 1 Piece Soprano Sax Klangbogen Stabilizer

This beautifully crafted resonance bow is the latest reed and overtone stabilizer designed specifically to fit all soprano saxophones that have detachable necks, by attaching to the current neck screw and positioned accordingly..


The One Piece Klangbogen user enjoys all of the sound benefits of the original plus the convenience of being able to use it on any saxophone and also the bass clarinets, like Selmer, with a neck adjustment screw.


Metallurgical finishes:

Distinct metallurgical finishes give various sound response and feel.

  • Brushed Aerospace Matte: The most bell-like ring
  • Heavy Silver Plate: Promotes added clarity and highs


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