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Sky FiberCarbon FATBOY with Booster - Alto & Tenor

Sky FiberCarbon FATBOY with Booster - Alto & Tenor


The Sky brings a new, modern sound to the old Otto Link design. It has a smooth, rollover baffle and a Fat Boy exterior. The Sky is available for Tenor in 7* and 8*, as well as for Alto in 6 and 7 tip openings.  


  • Innovative Booster for a better balanced and precise  sound
  • New non-metal, better than hard rubber, material FiberCarbon
  • Guardala FatBoy shape
  • First non-metal Guardala mouthpieces ever
  • Extremly lightweight for best resonance and playability
  • German Qualitiy CNC machined in Hamburg Germany for best results
  • Comes in a box with Rovner SS ligature and  ap.
Tip Size

Guardala mouthpieces are synonymous with quality manufacturing and design. They were  made famous by Michael Brecker creating his own amazing sound on his own models with the MB and MB II.


Shock waves were sent through the jazz community in the 1980s. Superior sound could be reached through precise, high quality and innovative CNC technology. This opened the doors to previously unheard of levels of precision. Guardala mouthpieces are  a combination of computer accuracy and professional handcrafting expertise.


With decades of experience, Nadir does a fantastic job of bringing the famous designs into the 21st century with state-of-the-art manufacturing, hand-crafting, and 10x the industry standard gold plating!


Nadir is the world’s only licensed manufacturer of Guardala pieces. He carried the Guardala legacy into the new millennium. Nadir's work is world  renowned.

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