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Rethinking guitar string maintenance and conditioning.

STRINGTone is the first string-care product to penetrate deep to the string’s core for total conditioning. One-step fast & easy spray-on application:

  • Lifts away embedded grime and debris
  • Dries to the touch in seconds
  • Increases dynamic range
  • Enables unrestricted string vibration for longer sustain
  • Allows more responsive feel
  • Conditions parts including pots, bridges, nuts, springs, tremolos, etc
  • Works on all strings: standard, coated, metal, or synthetic

One simple, easy, and fast STRINGTone® application dries to the touch in seconds, optimizing guitar tone and string response while providing long-lasting protection. Will not build up, migrate, and is safe and gentle for use on fine guitar woods. Try STRINGTone® today!


Until now the care and maintenance of guitars and other stringi instruments has been reliant on a confusing mix of products: somethat clean, others that condition, and still others that lubricate.


Now, for the first time, a single ground-breaking product canhandle the demands of guitarists, guitar techs, luthiers, and otherstring instrument players–SoundSynergies STRINGTone.


Theresult of micro-barrier technologies from the field of high-precision ballistics applications, STRINGTone is unequaled in its ability to penetrate and lift away deeply embedded grime and tiny debris particles. This deep conditioning allows treated strings to vibrate without restriction, providing superior sustain and richer, morevibrant sound quality.


STRINGTone® dries to the touch in seconds so that you can experience the increased tactile sensation of your guitar strings immediately.

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