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STRINGTone Guitar String Maintenance and Conditioning

STRINGTone Guitar String Maintenance and Conditioning

Rethinking guitar string maintenance and conditioning.

4oz Trigger Spray.


STRINGTone is the first string-care product to penetrate deep to the string’s core for total conditioning. One-step fast & easy spray-on application:


  • Lifts away embedded grime and debris
  • Dries to the touch in seconds
  • Increases dynamic range
  • Enables unrestricted string vibration for longer sustain
  • Allows more responsive feel
  • Conditions parts including pots, bridges, nuts, springs, tremolos, etc
  • Works on all strings: standard, coated, metal, or synthetic


One simple, easy, and fast STRINGTone application dries to the touch in seconds, optimizing guitar tone and string response while providing long-lasting protection. Will not build up, migrate, and is safe and gentle for use on fine guitar woods. Try STRINGTone today!

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