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DG Studio ( Soprano / Alto / Tenor )

DG Studio ( Soprano / Alto / Tenor )

The Tenor Studio has tremendous volume with unexcelled resonance and a full and balanced frequency response. The Studio incorporates a high baffle with a medium bore. The sound is clearly demonstrated by Michael Brecker in the period 1979-1982 (Brecker Brother´s Band). The Studio can be used for all types of music a Studio-Man would encounter, from Fusion to Swing, hence its name. This is our middle of the road mouthpiece. Tenor Tip size:  8* (116).

The Alto Studio features a high baffle and medium bore. It is suitable for a wide range of playing situations ranging from David Sanborn Style to Jazz. It has a bright full bodied compact sound with high volume. Tip 8 (85).

The Soprano Studio features a high baffle and a small bore. It enables the performer to achieve enough volume to compete with electronic instruments without sacrificing sound quality. It is suitable for Rock and Jazz. Tip 8 (70).


*Please note that a Handmade model is a custom order made in Germany by Nadir. The order could take 2-3 months as Nadir is often back ordered. Handmade models incorporate Nadir's lifetime of mouthpiece expertise. He spends extra time customizing an Original model to add his own enhancements. 

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