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The Scarlet Red Strap

The Scarlet Red Strap

The Scarlet Red Strap

  • Red Leather
  • Precious Gold Plated Brass Hardware
  • Strong Gold Metal Chains



Looks aren't everything, it's whats inside that counts.


The Leather

All Dante’ neck straps are made with genuine lamb and cow leather. The straps cut sewn and assembled by hand. Each strap will have its own unique look and character because no one sheet of leather looks exactly the same.


The Hardware

All of the metal hardware is custom made. Strong brass chains to ensure integrity and strength, custom design slider made for easy adjustment on leather. Plated metal hooks.


The Interior

Beauty is skin deep, but It’s whats inside that counts. Thick padded neck that provides a great amount of support for the neck and back. A split in the middle so that pressure is diverted away from your spine. Feels like the horn isn’t there. Excellent for long gigs.

Excluding Sales Tax
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