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Theo Wanne Digital Tip Gauge

Theo Wanne Digital Tip Gauge

Find the tip opening size on any woodwind mouthpiece. 

  • Super easy to read and use. It is the ultimate measuring device.


Mouthpieces are notorious for not measuring as they are marked, and this tool will help you find your mouthpiece’s actual opening.  This is an indispensable tool for musicians with multiple mouthpieces and for retail stores selling mouthpieces. It allows you to compare various models for tip size.

A bigger tip opening takes more air to fill the horn; a small tip opening takes less. 


Our gauge body is made from gold anodized solid billet aluminum. Included is the digital gauge and our accurate tip which allows for great visibility of the tip rail.  Millimeter measurements on the side of the gauge measure distance from the tip rail for plotting baffle and rail measurements.


Every shop, and anyone with multiple mouthpieces, needs this tool!

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