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Theo Wanne DURGA 4 Clarinet Mouthpiece

Theo Wanne DURGA 4 Clarinet Mouthpiece

It is about time there was a truly exciting clarinet mouthpiece, and that is the DURGA 4!!!!!

It is fun, lively, and exciting to play.   Not your traditional classical sound!


The DURGA 4 has a big, rich, and contemporary sound.  It is both powerful and modern, but can also play amazing ballads.  The sound is just downright sexy!  The DURGA 4 is brighter than the AMBIKA clarinet mouthpiece, so gets that extra sizzle and edge often missing in clarinet mouthpieces.   This mouthpiece is not a classical mouthpiece, and does not pretend to be.


“The first thing I love about this mouthpiece is that articulation is really simple, you can tongue really fast, really clearly, and with a lot of sound and volume. I’ve also notice that the high range speaks really well, really loud, and is very easy to play.   Also, these middle range notes speak really well, they speak really nice, which is really difficult to get on clarinet.  Every time I played clarinet I had difficulty with those, the palm keys, before.   I feel like the speak really easily. Definitely get the Theo Wanne DURGA 5 mouthpiece, you won’t regret it.” – Leo P (Too Many Zoos)



Though initially based on the great vintage mouthpieces by Kal Opperman, Theo  decided to see how lively he could make the clarinet, without it becoming harsh in any way.   The result is a lot of fun to play, and takes the clarinet to new avenues of sound.  There are a lot of secrets in the design of this mouthpiece, that are hard to see with the naked eye. There is A LOT of research and development in this mouthpiece.


Theo Wanne clarinet mouthpieces are manufactured to the same legendary standards as the rest of the Theo Wanne™ saxophone mouthpiece line.   They use the world’s most advanced manufacturing, CAD designs, and full five-axis machining. Every mouthpiece is made from a solid bar of the highest quality hard rubber right in his factory in Bellingham, USA.



  • Classic clean, full and rich clarinet sound, but with a fullness and robust nature never before heard on a clarinet mouthpiece.
  • Revolutionary in marrying the benefits of vintage design and modern construction.



  • Revolutionary design with a shallow roll-over baffle and unique chamber expanding on the design of the classics.
  • Crafted to the highest accuracy in the history of saxophone mouthpieces.
  • Designed by Theo Wanne, the foremost expert on the design and manufacturing of vintage and new mouthpieces.



  • Case: Beautiful Leatherette Case! Like the case? 
  • Finish: Reticulated finish with traditional cork
  • Serial Number: Includes specific serial number showing care given to your mouthpiece.
  • Premium Hard Rubber:  The finest vintage style hard rubber on the planet!
  • Ligatures: Does not come with a ligature, however, traditional clarinet ligatures and caps will fit.
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