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Theo Wanne Enlightened Ligature

Theo Wanne Enlightened Ligature

The reference ligature for saxophone and clarinet mouthpieces.


You’ll feel like your mouthpiece has improved in every way.  It has only three points of contact with the mouthpiece allowing for incredible resonance. 


The Sax Magazine rated the Enlightened Ligature #1 in the world when testing all available ligatures in the market:


“The Enlightened Ligature has a very quick response. It has a wide range of dynamics and its articulation clearly responds. The design is very simple and cool looking. The Theo Wanne Enlightened Ligature had the best rating and was my favorite to play.” 


We also recommend using our premium Pressure Plate Kit (sold separately), which includes our Alive Gold plate, and Titanium, Stainless Steel, Vintified and Heavy Copper pressure plates, to dial in your sound further!


What size do I need?

  • Theo Wanne Soprano mouthpieces = A-TW
  • Theo Wanne Alto metal & slim-body-hard-rubber mouthpieces = A-TW
  • Theo Wanne Tenor metal & slim-body-hard-rubber mouthpieces = T-TW
  • Theo Wanne Baritone mouthpieces = T-TW
  • Theo Wanne Slant-Sig Tenor, older model Theo Wanne hard rubber Tenor mouthpieces & Otto Link Style hard rubber mouthpieces =  T-XL
  • Theo Wanne NYBROS Alto, older model Theo Wanne hard rubber Alto mouthpieces & Meyer Style hard rubber alto mouthpieces = A-XL
  • Vintage Otto Links can use size T-OL.  This fits most Otto Link models except some of the later NY versions with oversized bodies.
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