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Theo Wanne Microfiber Mouthpiece and Neck Swab

Theo Wanne Microfiber Mouthpiece and Neck Swab

This gorgeous microfiber swab is designed to keep your mouthpiece neck dry and clean. Use it after every use for best results!


It is a soft microfiber swab with high absorption capacity to clean the inside of the neck and mouthpiece.


  • The swab absorbs moisture quickly and efficiently to help keep your neck of saxophone and mouthpieces in optimum playing condition.
  • The end of the string is slightly rigid so you don’t have to rely on gravity to move it through the neck.
  • Keep it clean by washing it like normal laundry. It’s washing machine safe and has a lifespan of more than 5 years.
  • The perfect companion to your Theo Wanne Mouthpiece!
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