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Theo Wanne SLANT SIG 2 Tenor

Theo Wanne SLANT SIG 2 Tenor

You asked us for the Holy Grail vintage Slant Sig Otto Link Tenor Mouthpiece...

So Theo made it for you!

Theo Wanne is the world’s foremost expert on vintage sax mouthpieces and he understands WHY an Otto Link sounds great.


So Theo utilized the best design principles from the first Slant Signature models (early 1950’s) through the Early Babbitt models (1970s) to make the new Theo Wanne Slant Sig Tenor Mouthpiece. It is the ultimate vintage Slant Sig Link design.


The SLANT SIG 2 is amazing! It is so very sweet and Dexterish! Yesssss:) – Reggie Padilla (Mike Love and the Full Circle)“The Slant Sig is the crown jewel for me, the “desert island” mouthpiece.

– Robert Martin (Frank Zappa for 20 years).


The Slant Sig mouthpiece is the perfect mouthpiece for students and pros alike. A musician can get the ‘classic’ tenor sound, not worry about inconsistencies that vintage pieces have, or if they are getting the best possible ‘vintage’ design.


The SLANT SIG 2 has incorporated all the best design principles of the vintage mouthpieces. The SLANT SIG 2 has even evolved from the SLANT SIG 1 from customer feedback to become the ultimate vintage hard rubber tenor mouthpiece. It has even more projection, fullness and warmth…all at the same time.

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