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Tornado Flute Booster

Tornado Flute Booster


The Tornado Flute Booster Improves Response and Ease of Play! 


The Tornado Flute Booster (TFB) corrects the head cork plate shape from a flat surface to a shape like the base of a tornado, defining the eye of a tornado in your flute. This accelerates and regulates the wind spin in the entire flute, creating many advantages including a faster response and easier playing of the higher registers.

As a flute player, you probably noticed the ring of saliva at the corner of your cork plate and head joint tube that develops after only a few minutes of playing. This clogs the area and restricts air movement.


Gold plating is 24K plating. Solid Silver uses Sterling Silver 925 (3.85 grams). Solid Gold uses 10K Gold (4.25 Grams).

TFB Finish
  • The Tornado Flute Booster (TFB) is designed to be installed to the head joint cork plate.
  • The Tornado effect created by the TFB ease playing flute substantially.
  • The air jet introduced by flutist is redefined to spin faster and rotate freely.
  • The TFB adds power and definition to all flutes.
  • Higher notes are way easier to play and lower notes sound larger.
  • Harmonics are amplified without being affected.
  • Add projection of all notes in all registers.
  • Accelerate and define attacks. Improve staccatos.
  • It can easily be installed and removed for testing comparison.
  • It can be fixed permanently in less than a minute without any tool.
  • The TFB can be transferred to another head joint, where The head crown will then have to be removed.
  • It is a universal flute device (except for the Jupiter student flute).
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