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Theo Wanne makes the most innovative and precise sax mouthpieces, horns and accessories in the world, redefining precision tip, side wall, rail and True Large Chamber sculpting.
Theo Wanne Accessories
  • Revolutionary ligatures designed for the freest possible vibration

  • Different pressure plates allow you to dial-in your sound

  • Protect your mouthpiece with your reed attached

  • Theo Wanne bite pads for simple and precise patch replacement

  • Professional-quality refacing tools 

Tools & Kits

And Bite Pads


Mouthpiece & Reed

Theo Wanne Liberty Ligature at The Wedge Distribution

Liberty Lig

  • Only 2 contact points

  • Adjustable positions

  • Stays on without reed

  • Adjustable plates

Theo Wanne Enlightened Ligature at The Wedge Distribution

Enlighted Lig

  • Only 3 contact points

  • Incredible resonance

  • Rated #1 in world

  • Adjustable plates

Theo Wanne Pressure Plates at The Wedge Distribution

Pressure Plates

  • Dial in your sound

  • Vintified, Titanium, Stainless Steel, and Heavy Copper

Theo Wanne Reed Keeper Cap at The Wedge Distribution

Reed Keeper

  • Protect with reed on

  • Doesn't touch tip

  • Small: Alto, Sop

  • Large: Tenor, Bari

Theo Wanne Reed Replacer Cap at The Wedge Distribution

Reed Replacer

  • Protect tip

  • Held by ligature

  • Will not fall off

  • No better protection

Theo Wanne Bite Pad 6 Pack at The Wedge Distribution

Bite Pads

  • Simple replacement

  • Increase comfort

  • No teeth sliding

  • Small and large sizes

Theo Wanne Premium Reed Case at The Wedge Distribution

Reed Case

  • Premium quality

  • Secure latches

  • Glass plate

  • Lush upper liner

Theo Wanne Refacing Kit at The Wedge Distribution

Refacing Kit

  • Refacing Book

  • Digital Tip Gauge

  • Glass Gauge

  • Feeler Gauge Set

Theo Wanne Premium Mouthpiece Case at The Wedge Distribution

Mouthpiece Case

  • Premium quality

  • Beautiful & functional

  • Used to ship all Theo Wanne mouthpieces

Theo Wanne Refacing Files and Sandpaper at The Wedge Distribution

Files & Sandpaper

  • 2 Standing Sticks

  • 10 Sanding Belts

  • Full Set Needle Files

  • 20 Sheets Sandpaper

Theo Wanne Digital Tip Gauge at The Wedge Distribution

Digital Tip Gauge

  • Quickly find tip size

  • Any woodwind piece

  • Gold anodized aluminum



  • Hex for Liberty Lig

  • Phillips for exchange and replacement of Pressure Plates

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